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Online Slots Guide

While online slots games are incredibly popular with all manner of players, not everyone knows the details of the games they regularly play. Knowing the ins and outs of any game can make the difference between significant monetary losses and huge cash winnings. Here are some of the things that every player should know about online slot machines.

How the Machines Work

Traditional slot machines have a complex gear system that spins multiple reels at different speeds by releasing spring loaded catches when the player pulls on a lever. If the reels land in a certain way, another catch is released and coins are dispensed to the winning player. Online slot machines, instead, use something called a random number generator to generate the results of each "spin." The thing is, though, the results are not random with online machines. The games are programmed to reward players at regularly intervals, making the online slots games much more lucrative that the truly random lever games.

The Odds in Favor

The other major thing players need to know is the complex system of odds that informs when players will win and how. By law all casinos are required to post the payout percentages of each of their Online Slot Machines. These percentages tell players how much of each dollar that is played on the machine is paid back out to players in winnings. If a machine has a payout percentage of 96% then, the machine pays out 96 cents of each dollar it takes in. The higher the percentage means the player has a better chance of winning.

By being aware of these few facts, players of online slot machines can feel more confident in wagering and winning while enjoying online slots.