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Important Information about Baccarat

There are plenty of people who enjoy playing baccarat due to the air of glamour and fame that surrounds the game. James Bond made it famous in Dr. No, Golden Eye and many other movies, and players of all skill levels are interested in following suit.

Learning the Game

Out of all of the card games in the casino, baccarat is undoubtedly the easiest to learn and the least understood at the same time. Much of the action is dictated by the casino, so all players have to do is select a bet and wait for the outcome. However, understanding how the croupier decides when to deal a third card and how the winner is determined can certainly make the game more exciting. Players who are familiar with the rules are likely to get more enjoyment from the game than those who are not.

Rules and Scoring

The goal is to predict the player who will receive a two or three-card hand of as close to nine as possible. Face cards and 10s are worth 0 points, Aces are worth one point and all others are counted at their face values. If a score of more than 10 occurs, the tens value is dropped; a score of 12 would only be a two. Each player is dealt two cards and the house rules dictate when the third card is dealt, meaning neither the dealer nor the player has any control over this.


Since baccarat is nothing more than a game of chance, there are really no strategies that can help a player win. The odds remain the same regardless of any actions the player takes, so it is best to concentrate on money management techniques. This can be done by betting within a budget and avoiding tie bets because of their huge house edge.

Players who want to truly understand baccarat will need to spend some time playing in their favorite venues. Thankfully, there are plenty of online casinos offering free baccarat games and tutorials for this very purpose.