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Casino Bonus Hunting

Casino bonus hunters are people who register for accounts at online casinos simply to take advantage of the bonuses that are offered at signup. These people sign up with the intention of meeting only the minimum wagering requirements in order to cash out their bonus with as little risk as possible; 'hunters' do this repetitively in order to make a profit.

The Best Bonuses to Hunt

The best type of casino bonus that is available for bonus hunters is the one that is provided upon a player's first deposit. If a player deposits $200.00 in an online casino and the deposit is matched, this leads to a total of $400.00 in the player's account that can be used to turn a profit--regardless of whether or not the actual bonus can be withdrawn at all. The extra money here is simply a tool for the bonus hunter's trade. Once the player has made a profit, they will usually withdraw the funds and move on to a new casino.

Overcoming Bonus Requirements

Due to the sheer number of casino bonus hunters in the world today, casinos have placed certain restrictions on their bonuses in order to prevent the loss of huge amounts of revenue. The number one step a bonus hunter can take to overcome bonus requirements is to find a casino that will allow the hunter to play games such as craps with a low house edge in order to make fulfill their required wagers. This way, the odds are much better that the player will actually turn a profit with the help of the initial bonus.

While bonus hunting is never a surefire way to earn extra cash online, many hunters only attempt it in an effort to make their gaming experiences more exciting.